Our beginnings



Want to get to know more about Kukubird and how we began? Then look no further, because today we’re going to bare all and expose our beginnings, middles and the future for our Kukubird!

Kukubird began in 2012 when two Manchester-based students took upon themselves to inject more fun, curiosity and energy into the fashion industry, and from there our Kukubird hatched and opened its eyes into the bright and colorful world. Since then, our Kukubird has flown the nest and in early 2018 we became a fully-fledged studio. Yay! With our newly developed wings, we have taken on many new partnerships with global producers and well-known powerhouses in the fashion e-commerce world. We have flown straight into the northern creative scene and established our nest in our design studio in central Manchester, creating a collaborative partnership with Manchester Hub. With this collaboration comes expert moving picture advertisements, thanks to their expert filmmaking team. Together, both Kukubird and Manchester Hub provide an essential creative package for our customers.

However, our wings have only taken us so far on our journey and we are continuing to evolve and develop further into the fashion industry, capitalizing on our fun, unique and colorful brand identity. Our innovative and creative designs all come from working with artists and with this, we have developed possibilities for various creative packages for our customers and clients across the UK and the world. As we fly into the future of 2019 we are still evolving and developing our client base further, ensuring that our customer relationships are a priority and always improving our creative capabilities. This will be possible with the collaborations between Kukubird and local fashion industry creatives. With this collaboration, we hope to incubate new and fun British talent, and eventually help them leave the nest and fledge into fully grown creatives.

Our creatives at Kukubird ensure that we can provide everything you may need for a growing fashion business. This includes but is not limited to; in-house developed graphic and fashion design creatives, professional photographers, experience post-production artists, and impeccable styling to achieve the best service possible.

We at Kukubird create a vast range of printed leggings, jackets, accessories and other apparel in hundreds of youthful designs and styles. (Our pyjamas are also a fan favorite – keep that in mind when next on our website!) All our fabrics and textiles are hand sourced so that we can with confidence state that our products are made with the softest fabric you will have ever touched. With this textile, we offer bespoke design services, working with our creatives to fulfill your artistic needs whilst also providing fantastic and energetic collections, such as our bestselling Geo Tribal collection.